by Shayna Decker | May 3, 2021

A historical shot of Maui Electric employees in the 1920s.

Coffee cake.

This is my first recollection of Maui Electric. I was an 8-year-old Lihikai School student visiting Aunty Ruth at the company’s auditorium in Kahului where she passed out warm portions of the dessert and showed us how to safely use different electrical appliances at home (Don’t stick any metal objects in the toaster!).

Several decades later, I’m now working for Hawaiian Electric on Maui and as we commemorated our 100 years of serving our Maui County communities on April 28 this year, I couldn’t help but reminisce about this sweet treat…

by Donica Kaneshiro | April 29, 2021

Photo courtesy Cherry Blossom Festival Hawaii

Every little girl dreams of being royalty, but Brianne Yamada knows it takes more than dreams to wear a crown. It took passion, poise and perseverance to claim the title of queen at the 69th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, an event to help perpetuate Japanese culture.

This year’s theme was kibou, or hope, a nod to the uncertainty of the pandemic that forced family to watch the Festival Ball, the festival’s final event, via livestream. …

by Shannon Tangonan | April 22, 2021

I never really paid too much attention to Earth Day when I was young. I grew up in a working-class family of seven in Ewa Beach and saving the planet wasn’t really a topic of conversation at the dinner table. But as I’ve gotten older (and perhaps slightly wiser) Earth Day has become an occasion to acknowledge small contributions we’re making toward building a more sustainable future for our son and generations to follow — and to also think about what more we can do.

It doesn’t have to be grand gestures. Our…

by Dan Kaneko | April 20, 2021

Photo courtesy Kanu Hawaii

Here in Hawaii, we love to help others — it’s an indelible part of our local culture. We take tremendous pride in the aloha spirit and do our best to spread it to others. We aim to malama, or care for, our keiki (children), kupuna (elders) and aina (land). And whenever Auntie or Uncle needs help, we’re the first to show up at their door.

Yet, according to AmeriCorps, only 28 percent of Hawaii residents volunteer, ranking us 41st in the U.S. …

by Gregg Kresge | April 14, 2021

When the Wright brothers began experimenting with airplanes in the early 1900s, most homes didn’t have electricity. So the notion of an electric-powered airplane probably would have seemed far-fetched — maybe even crazy. But more than a century later, on Dec. 4, 2020,– I had the unique opportunity to fly in an Ampaire hybrid electric plane during a test flight from Kahului Airport to Hana Airport and back. These flights were made possible through a partnership with Mokulele Airlines and Elemental Excelerator. …

by Estee Manfredi | April 5, 2021

At the entrance to the Waiau power plant on Oahu, just behind the Waiau Visitor Center, stands a large monkey pod tree. It is visible from Kamehameha Highway and its distinguishing mushroom shaped-canopy provides a large amount of shade.

“I’m 95 and the tree was already big when I was a little kid,” says Judy Oyama, who grew up under that tree.

Judy and her daughter Lynette drive by the power plant often when they run errands. Every time they pass it, Judy says, “There’s my tree!” One day, Lynette decided to pull…

by Robert Yang | March 31, 2021

This photo, taken on March 10, 2021 at 7:20 p.m., shows the dark Honolulu night sky being illuminated by a flash of lightning.

It started as an ordinary night on March 10, 2021. As I exited the local supermarket there was a light drizzle. Then a flash flood warning came through as I was on the freeway heading home. It wasn’t long until streaks of lightning lit up the sky and a sudden downpour followed.

The roads started to flood, but I managed to get home. I could hear the thunder and see the flashes of light across the sky from my balcony. At the time, I started having flashbacks of an early morning lightning storm…

by Sharon Higa | March 23, 2021

On this National Ag Day, March 23, we honor Hawaii’s agricultural community by highlighting a few local farms and some key organizations we’ve partnered with over the years, and draw attention to the important work they do to promote and sustain the agricultural industry in Hawaii:

Aloun Farms

by Kristen Okinaka | March 22, 2021

The County of Hawaii took the first step to become more sustainable and resilient by bringing together leaders from diverse sectors for a Sustainability Summit on March 4–5, 2021. Hosted by the Office of the Mayor, the virtual event was broadcast on Na Leo Channel 54 and via Zoom and viewed by more than 2,300 people.

“We intend on listening to the ideas that come out of this summit, to making some of these things a reality,” said Mayor Mitch Roth. “This is just the beginning of a journey…. I encourage you to…

by Michael Choe | March 20, 2021

How often do you see an electric vehicle (EV) these days? Even without looking up the numbers, I can tell that the EV adoption rate has noticeably increased — I now see EVs such as Teslas and the Nissan Leaf on a daily basis. If you’re curious like me, in February, there were 13,973 registered EVs statewide, according to the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism. The DBEDT’s February 2021 Monthly Energy Trend also noted 2,661 EVs were added between February 2020 and last month, a 23.5 percent increase…

Hawaiian Electric

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