Back to the future

  • Maintain the right tire pressure and wheel alignment
  • Reduce the amount of weight in your car, e.g., store the golf clubs at home until you need them
  • Keep an even speed on roadways or use the cruise control feature
  • Plan your route so you can tackle multiple errands at one time. For example, in one trip to Manoa Marketplace, I’ll drop by the farmer’s market, pharmacy, post office, bakery, grocery store, bank ATM and pick up lunch at one of the many restaurants
  • For short (non-highway) trips, turn off the a/c and roll down the windows or use the eco feature on newer vehicles
  • Keep up vehicle maintenance checks for oil changes, air filter replacements and tire rotations
  • Choose the eco or normal mode for driving rather than “sport” mode which burns gas quickly
  • Bike, walk or carpool when you can



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Hawaiian Electric

Established in 1891, Hawaiian Electric is committed to empowering its customers and communities by providing affordable, reliable, clean and sustainable energy.