Distributed Energy Resources: A diverse grid is a strong grid

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3 min readJul 6, 2022


by Hawaii Powered | July 6, 2022

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In the past, generating electricity only took place at power plants — referred to as centralized generation. Distributed energy resources, or DER, is about diversifying energy generation to include smaller generators located throughout the energy grid, such as private rooftop solar systems on customers’ homes and businesses.

Utilizing a variety of energy resources has two main effects:

1. It builds a diverse energy portfolio.

A resilient grid is made up of diverse renewables and scales of generation. Spreading energy generation out across many sources, including customer resources, means we’re not depending on one single source of energy — all solar, all wind or all firm generation. A diverse grid also can better withstand the effects of severe events, including weather-related disasters.

2. It helps stabilize bills.

Generating energy from many sources makes us less vulnerable to fluctuations in pricing from any one source. Also, by participating in a program that allows you to generate your own energy, you can reduce your bill.

What does this mean for customers?

Hawaiian Electric offers various programs to help customers offset their energy bill by investing in clean energy generation. Learn more about our customer renewable programs.

Rooftop solar panels in a neighborhood

Are you interested in installing solar panels on your roof and exporting excess energy back to the grid to receive credits on your electric bill? Read more about private rooftop solar opportunities.

Shared solar project on a business in Kahului, Maui

Do you live in an apartment and are not able to install a rooftop system? You can participate in future shared solar projects.

Hawaiian Electric workers installing rooftop solar panels

Would you like to generate your own power to offset the energy costs of your business?

Business Generation: Together with large, utility-scale generation, distributed energy resources will play an important role in getting us to a Hawaii Powered future.

Learn more about Hawaii Powered and our clean energy future at www.hawaiipowered.com.



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