Helpful energy-saving tips for the home

  • Work smarter, not harder: The most direct way to save electricity while working from home is to cut down on screen time when you aren’t working or learning virtually. Did you know that a laptop is more energy-efficient than a desktop computer? I had no clue!
  • Take advantage of natural light: I’ve been known to leave the lights on when they’re not needed. It’s easy to forget to turn off lights in rooms that you aren’t in — especially during the daytime. I recommend opening drapes or blinds in your home wherever you are working or learning, even if it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Fun fact: natural light is known to boost your mood and productivity. Who wouldn’t benefit from an extra boost of productivity?
  • Try fans or open windows instead of A/C: This one is obvious. We all hear it. Open windows and doors for cross ventilation. Take advantage of the trade winds we have on the islands! Also, if you have fans, turn those on instead of an A/C. Turning on your fan can lower the room temperature by 4 degrees. But remember to turn it off when you leave the room.
  • Use an advanced power strip: Try to minimize the amount of cords connected to a single power strip. When you are working and learning from home, you know you’ll be using more electronics such as a computer, printer, phone charger and other electronics. Consider using an advanced power strip to ensure that your devices aren’t drawing power when they’re not in use. For those who have dual monitors, a smart TV, gaming computers or consoles, I strongly recommend that you get this if you haven’t already done so.
  • Minimize your gadgets: Don’t simply turn things off. Instead, unplug everything that you are not using. Some devices that are on standby are draining “vampire” or “phantom” energy. This can be a hard habit to break since it’s easy to forget to unplug your laptop or phone charger. I’m guilty of this. Make sure that you start unplugging cords when you don’t need them!
Low Power Mode on iPhone



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