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by Robert Yang | Aug. 23, 2021

I’ve worked various customer service jobs during my post-college life, which varied from selling clothes to renting out cars. Customers expect no less than the basic level of service — but the true measure of their satisfaction is based on how well you can address their needs and problems . Most business customers are unaware that Hawaiian Electric’s Customer Business Management Services (CBMS) team offers extra support services. Please visit our website for more information on how to contact us.

Thomas Lee, president of The Audio Visual Company and Energy Industries, decided to use our support services to learn more about his energy usage and private rooftop solar system. “Anything you give me for free that can help my business, I’m going to use,” Thomas said.

He met CBMS Consultant Alton Ramos five years ago during an energy assessment inquiry. “I was very impressed by the reports Alton created. He monitored my energy usage and could tell me exactly how much consumption there was during any minute of the day on any day of the week.” Thomas oversees two companies in Waimalu, with each one having many different departments. The energy usage was high so the report helped Thomas adjust his daily operations to better control his energy costs. His goal is to one day use less energy than his solar system produces.

Recently, Alton informed Thomas of another service that could benefit his businesses — drone surveys. His office features a 12-year-old private rooftop solar system nearing its half-life. CBMS flew drones above his rooftop, taking photos and videos using thermal imaging cameras. Based off the results from this inspection, CBMS confidently declared his system as “intact” and operating at maximum capacity. They will continue to help him keep an eye on it until it needs replacement. For your information, CBMS can also use drones to inspect customers’ air conditioning systems.

With his solar system and electrical usage in check, Thomas can focus on what he’s been doing best for the last 43 years — designing and constructing complex audiovisual systems that enable distance communication for his commercial customers. His latest masterpiece is the audiovisual system used in the command center at the new Joint Traffic Management Center in Honolulu.

“Providing all these extra services for our customers and hearing them call us back is rewarding” says Bill Carreira, who oversees CBMS. “It means we’ve earned their respect and trust in helping them make the right decisions for their business.”

Here are some of the other support services CBMS provides for business customers at no extra cost:

Give CBMS a call or send an email so we can start helping you save money and make better energy choices for your business.

Robert Yang is a digital communications and social media specialist at Hawaiian Electric Company.

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