Solar panels need special attention in an emergency

  • Don’t touch panels and components. Always assume they are energized. In the event your solar system is damaged in a storm or torn from your roof contact your solar contractor and
    insurance company.
  • Call 911 in the event of an emergency or fire. Do not handle your solar system, throw water on it, or inhale fumes that may be emitted, as they are flammable and toxic. Inform 911 operators that there are solar panels on the roof and specify whether they are solar water heating or solar photovoltaic.
  • Notify first responders upon arrival that there are solar panels present and point out where the A/C disconnect switch is.
  • If you have battery storage for your solar system, be sure to have proper signage visible to alert the existence of a solar battery near the main switch breaker.
  • Lithium-ion batteries found in many energy storage systems provide high energy density. Take the proper precautions to avoid fires that may be caused by overheating, overcharging, electrical shorting, etc.
  • Contact your solar company to inquire about specific operational details and safety measures relevant to your system.



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