Staying healthy while staying at home

by Michael Choe | May 4, 2020

Keeping healthy and fit should be top of mind — especially as stay-at-home orders are extended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not being able to go to the gym shouldn’t be an excuse to skip exercise. In fact, it’s even more critical to be mindful of our well-being since it’s easy to become neglectful while trapped in the comfort of our own homes. To help battle that complacency, here are a few basic tips on how to maintain good health while at home.


Limited or no access to gyms and the outdoors is no reason to stop exercising! As I make my daily rounds of browsing through social media, I’ve noticed that home workouts have taken the spotlight. I’ve seen all sorts of content from push-up challenges to tutorials, and even free lessons by credible instructors. I tried some home workouts and found myself short of breath halfway through. You can also start with simple sets of push-ups, lunges, crunches, jumping jacks or burpees. None of these require special equipment.

We’re allowed to walk or jog outside as long as we wear a mask and respect social distancing. Take advantage of this! Not only is the cardio good for you, but the sunshine provides vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones and increases overall health. Just remember to wear your mask and to keep that 6-feet of distance. And don’t forget the sunscreen!


Whether we work in the office or at home, we’re still at risk for strains and muscle pains. I used to think I’d be more comfortable in my own chair or sofa, but I realized on my first day working from home that sitting for hours at a time is never good no matter how ergonomic my chair is. Take a few minutes to stretch and take your eyes off the screen. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing that can be.


Our mental health is extremely important, too. It may be tempting to keep working and get more assignments done because your office is right in front of you, but we need to rest and rejuvenate in order to maintain productivity and optimal energy levels. Take the time to relieve stress and enjoy some leisure time. Find a new favorite show on Netflix, commit to a new hobby, or revisit a classic book. I finally picked up my dusty guitar (which I bought years ago but never used) and started learning the basics. It’s a nice break away from the keyboard and it keeps my brain working to remember all the different chords.


It’s easy to start snacking because the refrigerator and pantry is just a few steps away. For those who work near or in the kitchen, it’s even harder to fight temptation. My guilty pleasure is chips. And once I start, I won’t stop until the bag is empty. Keep snacks or junk food out of sight to avoid triggers. Better yet, replace foods like chips and crackers with healthy alternatives like fruits and vegetables so that even if you succumb to snacking, you’ll be doing your body a favor by consuming good nutrients!

Be sure to take steps to maintain both your physical and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. In the process, you might even shed a few pounds, gain some muscle and acquire a whole new outlook on life.

Michael Choe is a digital communications and social media specialist at Hawaiian Electric Company.

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