We have a tree problem

Cleaning up the carnage

When trees unexpectedly fall over power lines, the damage can be extensive and dangerous. The weight from large tree limbs on lines can easily cause utility poles and equipment to break, and energized lines can become loosened and fall to the ground. Our company’s first focus is to secure the scene and safely remove the tree/branch from the lines in order to get the road clear for vehicles to safely pass. Notice the emphasis on safety — energized power lines on the road can be an extremely dangerous situation and we advise everyone to keep a distance of 30 feet or more if they see a downed power line.

What are we doing to prevent this from happening?

Our Vegetation Management department works hard to prevent trees from contacting our distribution lines. There are two main areas of focus for trimming: 1) roadside distribution lines that are usually accessible by a lift truck, and 2) off-road rights of way which is mainly our higher voltage 46kV and 138kV lines that run across the mountains and in more inaccessible areas. These areas are usually only accessible via foot or in some cases helicopter.

What can you do to help?

If trees or branches on your property are near your service line (the line connecting to your house), this may fall outside of the scope of our routine vegetation maintenance. We suggest that customers ALWAYS hire what we call a “Line Clearance” qualified tree trimmer. These workers have received specialized training for safely working near energized power lines.

Our vegetation management crews do their best to maintain trees that get too close to power lines. They prune trees and other vegetation to help prevent outages for customers.



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